Restaurant Life Post COVID-19

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As the curve declines for COVID-19 and restaurants are allowed to open their doors, business might not return to usual just yet. Going out to eat is a treat that is meant to be enjoyed. It may take some time for people to feel truly at ease when dining out due to fears of germs and bacteria. Making sure that your restaurant is well-equipped to meet your customer’s needs and expectations is a must, so here are a few recommendations from your trusted cleaning company, Restaurant Cleaners.

By the time your restaurant reopens, everyone will be used to the 6 feet apart rule. Although businesses might not have to maintain that law, it may be best to keep your tables at a significant distance to ease the concerns of your customers. People will be cautious to be within arm’s distance of strangers, so if they see that your establishment is seating people near each other it could deter them from dining at your restaurant.

Messy & gunky condiment bottles are always a restaurant no-no, but especially after the pandemic, people will be fearful to use anything that doesn’t look clean or sanitized. Condiment bottles will easily show dirty fingerprints, and this can be a huge turn off to your patrons. Wiping them down often will ensure that your customers will have a clean and positive experience during their meals!

As the weather warms up, it’ll be a great time to open your doors and let some fresh air in! Not only will the open doors help clear out any stale winter air, but it’ll also be more inviting to customers who are still wary about being out in public. Open doors mean no need to touch doorknobs! This is a win-win for your customers and restaurant!

Of course, the number one thing to keep clean in a restaurant is a kitchen! But as the fear of Coronavirus settles down and businesses reopen, people will be on the lookout for anything that might get them sick. It’s imperative that your open kitchen is neat and tidy and that your kitchen staff is practicing safety precautions at all times. If a chef is in the kitchen, they should be wearing gloves to make sure customers feel secure and have no fears about their dining.

To provide your customers with a clean establishment, have employees do an extra spot cleaning during the opening and closing shifts, in addition to cleaning throughout the day. These extra shift spot cleanings will provide the first customers with a spotless establishment. While those consistent day cleanings will keep customers happy with their experience, as well as proving them a visual of how cautious your team is! Keeping a constant cleaning routine will really set your restaurant apart during this crucial time.

Although people will be cautious as life returns back to normal, many will still be thrilled to leave their home and enjoy a meal at your restaurant with friends and family. Make sure it is an enjoyable experience

for them by providing them the cleanest and safest establishment. To go above and beyond and have your restaurant in its best state for reopening, hire the Restaurant Cleaners.



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