Areas You Forgot To Clean In Your Restaurant

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The cleanliness of your restaurant is always a top priority; tabletops, counters, and of course the kitchen needs to be spotless. But these major areas aren’t the only places that need some extra TLC. There are some minor areas in your restaurant that can be easily missed, and leave an unpleasant taste in your customer’s mouth, literally and figuratively.

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Your restaurant would stall without the use of your daily kitchen utensils. They allow your kitchen to perform quickly and smoothly. Openers, condiment containers, slicers, etc., are all easy appliances that will be used multiple times in a day. Without proper cleaning, these tools can form a layer of food and germs, which can cause cross food contamination and even sickness to customers. Fortunately, most utensils can be taken apart and sanitized in a single dishwasher cycle.

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Appliance Exteriors

With constant use of the kitchen appliances during the day, grease and dirt can begin to form on the exterior of itself and surrounding appliances. Use a degreaser to wipe down and clean the outside of ovens, grills, vent hoods, and stoves for most painless removal. Ice machines, dispensers, and microwaves can all muster layers of grease, dirt, and dust residue, so an in-depth wipe down daily will help prevent buildup.

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The tables and chairs in your restaurant seat numerous people in a single day, which can be the perfect surface for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. Of course, the tables will be wiped down after each customer, but a diligent deep cleaning is strongly recommended at least once a week. Cleaning and disinfecting the entire set up from top to bottom will help ensure that any spilled food has been completely removed. In addition to sanitizing the entire seating area, moving the furniture to vacuum all dirt and dust underneath and around will keep the floor spotless.

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Walls, Décor, & Pictures

No matter how clean and meticulous your team may be at keeping a strict cleaning schedule, dust is inevitable at the end of the day. There is nothing more unpleasant than eating at a restaurant with a layer of dust on the light fixture above your table. Dusting and/or damp cleaning light fixtures, décor, and picture frames will keep them looking brand new. Along with dust, spills and splatters are unavoidable, so spot cleaning any wall muck daily will keep your restaurant looking its best.

Keeping these areas in mind when cleaning your restaurant will assure a clean and safe environment for both your customers and employees. If you find meticulous restaurant cleaning at the bottom of your checklist, hire Restaurant Cleaners to keep it at the top of theirs.



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