Two Most Important Restaurant Areas That Need Deep Cleaning!

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The upkeep of a restaurant kitchen can become a very overwhelming and tedious task when you think of all the moving parts that must be cleaned and sanitized. There are certain areas that will need daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning to keep your kitchen in its healthiest state. Unfortunately, some of the most important areas often get overlooked and can diminish the quality of your restaurant.

1. Ice Machine 

Although it may seem like an impossible environment for bacteria to grow, the freezing temperatures won’t stop germs from making a home in your ice machine. E. Coli, Salmonella, and Norovirus can all grow in there if the proper precautions aren’t taken. To prevent the growth of these bacterias, never store bottles or food in the bin, perform a weekly cleaning of the exterior, as well as an internal deep cleaning every six months. 

Another opportunity for your ice machine to cause foodborne illness to your customers is through fecal bacteria. If your employees forget to thoroughly wash their hands after a restroom visit or after throwing out the trash, they could contaminate the ice. In an article by Business Insider, an undercover investigation in 2017 found fecal bacteria in the ice served at a series of fast-food restaurants. To ensure that your restaurant and ice stays bacteria-free, enforce a proper ice handling regime with your employees: never handle the ice with glassware or with hands, only with the ice scoop. 

Taking the previously mentioned precautions can help ensure that your ice machine doesn’t form bacteria, and keeping a clean and sanitary ice machine can be easily done by hiring a professional restaurant cleaning service, like Restaurant Cleaners.

2. Walk In/Refrigerator 

Just like the ice machine, your fridge can also become a health hazard if not properly sanitized and cleaned. Mold can grow and spread through air and surface contact. The biggest cause of mold in your fridge is from mold on rotting food. A rotting piece of food that has been sitting long enough can allow spores to transfer to plastic or metal surfaces, as well as through air circulation. Since the refrigerator is dark the majority of the time, it allows for mold to grow quickly. Growing mold may not be noticed until it’s a much bigger problem, which can become expensive through ruined produce and funding extensive cleaning. The best way to prevent mold is by keeping an eye on mold-prone foods and immediately discarding food that has begun to rot, as well as keeping a regular schedule of a thorough fridge cleaning at least once a month. 

Having an experienced cleaning company clean your fridge and establishment regularly will allow for the cleanest and healthiest environment for not only your customers, but you and your employees as well. Contact the Restaurant Cleaners team here to keep your restaurant clean, sanitized, and on top!



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